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Backyards & Billiards Offers PristineBlue

Getting crystal clear, beautiful, blue water is easier than ever with PristineBlue®

As the marketing director for Backyards & Billiards, I clearly remember the day we purchased our hot tub from Backyards & Billiards. I remember asking Greg, our owner, what he would choose for spa chemicals. His answer sealed the deal for me. Greg said, “I knew that our young daughter was going to be swallowing a lot of hot tub water and wanted to make sure she had the cleanest, purest water possible!”

At Backyards & Billiards, we recommend and sell PristineBlue® .

Advantages of PristineBlue® Water treated with PristineBlue® feels softer and looks inviting without a chemical taste or odor. It’s gentle to equipment and won’t bleach your liner or swimsuit. You can swim immediately after application. Your eyes won’t burn…and you won’t believe how good your skin and hair feel after swimming! And it’s easy! The long-lasting formula of PristineBlue® lets you escape the chore of daily water testing and maintenance.

You can relax knowing that you don’t have to constantly test your water and adjust the chemical levels…Just once every 2 weeks does the trick.

Be sure you know the volume of your spa in gallons. Backyards & Billiards can help you calculate the volume and assist you with all aspects of spa ownership. We can analyze your water and recommend products and when you have a question regarding your spa’s maintenance.

Backyards & Billiards is your home town, locally owned since 1995, Colorado Springs Bullfrog and Cal Spas distributor. We offer spa parts and service and PristineBlue chemicals at a 10% discount to our Backyards & Billiards spa owning clients. Place your order today!